I know this legacy is like down the drain but if anyone wants me to continue post here. I am starting a new better one 😉


Once we got to his house I went inside and left him alone. I saw the inside the living room didnt have much but I loved the kitchen.  My father walked in and pointed to a door in the corner. “Thats your room Issy”. Issy. I hadn’t heard him call me that since I was little. “Dad it isn’t Issy it is Bella!”, I said quickly and walked into my room.

There was another door. I had my own bathroom!  He got the place decorated for whenever I come.  It was late and I start school tomorrow so I got in bed and went to sleep…..

I woke up in the morning with my alarm clock going off. I walked into my bathroom and showered and got ready. When I went into the kitchen and I saw steaming hot waffles. They looked so delicious. I got a plate and sat down and ate them.

My father walked into the kitchen dressed and ready. “Bye sweetie I am going to work you get on the school bus and go to school okay?”, It wasnt a question but I answered anyway. “Yes dad, bye”, He walked out the door and went to work. I watched TV while I waited for the school bus. I heard it and I went outside and got on.

Once we got to the school I got off and it was early so I sat outside thinking. My head hurt I didn’t know why and I blacked out………..

My mother and I opened the door to see a police officer outside our door. I looked at my mother and she looked at me. The police officer looked behind themselves then began to speak.

“There is a probelm I would like to speak to you about”.

“What is it?”,My mother asked worried.

“There was a break-in in one of the neighbors houses. Someone just moved in can you watch over them?”, the officer asked.

“Um………..Hello-…………”, Someone asked behind the officer.

“Dad?”,I almost yelled the question.

“I was coming to take Issy to my house, remember our agreement?”, He told my mother.

My mother sighed. “Look I know but we only just settled in will you let her get use to this place and anyway I dont trus-………”,My mother stopped.

“I know you dont trust me but at this time I am better I can take care of her now you can call anytime you like. I only live across town!”.

“WHAT? YOU MOVED HERE?!?!?!”, My mother was estatic. She was shocked. I knew she didn’t want him here.

“I am not the new neighbor if thats what you were thinking. I have no idea who it is all I know is the moved the night before that break-in and I live no where near the break-in. No need to worry.”,He was trying to convince my mother, and it worked.

“Alright but I will be calling.”,she sighed and she was conviced. “But! She doesn’t have to go if she doesn’t feel comfertable.”,I know that was just a excuse to keep me here.

“I am not scared. I just don’t want to go with him!”,It just bursted out of me.

“No honey, thats no excuse you need to get to know and be around your father more and I won’t get in the way of it.”,my mother said now I knew she was was serious.

“No mom! I dont want to! So I am not going!”,I yelled I regreted it right after.

“You are going weither you like it or not!”,She yelled back.

I stomped into the house and got my bags and ran out to my dads car as we drove to his house……………..

My mother didn’t even look up, she sat there and I watched her knowing she was about to ask the question I saw coming. “What is it?”. I sat the money infront of her and I watched her sigh because now she was even more stressed.


“There is more mom”,I stated to her. She looked up in intrest, I pointed to the box on the counter, she got up and opened it to see something we both hadn’t expected. We had yelled at the same time in shock “A CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN?!?”. 

My mom shook her head, “No. No. Noooooo. Why does he continue and continue! He wants something and I am sure what it is.”, I looked at her confused and she knew it. “He probably wants you over in the rich town of Sunlit Tides after you get out of school Bella.” I stood shocked. “Wha….WHAT?”, I sat down and my mother did too.


“I want to go really but mom you cant hold yourself up with the bills without me! I need to stay here and get a job and help pay the bills”. My mother sat and sighed. “I can hold this up, the house is payed for all I have to pay for is the electricity and water bills, when you get out of school thats where you are going there it will be better for you to get a job.”

, that was the end of the conversation. The day was almost over and I started school in two days. Right when we were going to sleep there was a knock on our door………

We walking inside the house. The was plain and ordinary it was funirshed good enough for me and my mother.

She looked worried. I knew why, I am sure she was nervous about her brother holding things like this against her when he needs something, even though he was rich. We checked out our room, very small but two beds in there is enough.

When we went into the kitchen my mother sat down and set her hand in her hands, she was very stressed.

“Go check the mail please”. I did so and I saw a packages one from my uncle it had a card with money. I took the package in and set it on the counter.




Sometimes I just get a series of emotions and I have no idea why. Maybe it is just how I have to live my life. Do you ever get that feeling? Where you just don’t understand they way you feel, you feel every emotion? I have that feeling a lot. My life is like a run away, that is exactly what it is. Not saying I don’t love my life but I have lots of probelms that I can’t handle.

My father cheated on my mother when she was pregnant. She had me two days later. Then my father got married that day to some girl younger than him like my mother but a couple days younger. Then tried to steal me from my mother for him and his wife. But it failed and my mother called the police and my father was arrested.

I grew up to a child and he was let out.

Turned his wife cheated on him and dumped him on the streets. He moved into a halfway decent house paying the bills and child support. Me and my mother was fine through paying bills and I got a few things I wanted. Then we had probelms paying bills and rent. We were kicked out and my father was still after me and my mother.

My mother’s rich brother paid for a house for us in Lucky Palms. I didn’t want to leave but I knew we had to have a place to live. I heard Lucky Palms is the place for love and lucky. It was my birthday the night before we left. I am now a teenager wondering what beholds in Lucky Palms and how much better my life will be….