My mother didn’t even look up, she sat there and I watched her knowing she was about to ask the question I saw coming. “What is it?”. I sat the money infront of her and I watched her sigh because now she was even more stressed.


“There is more mom”,I stated to her. She looked up in intrest, I pointed to the box on the counter, she got up and opened it to see something we both hadn’t expected. We had yelled at the same time in shock “A CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN?!?”. 

My mom shook her head, “No. No. Noooooo. Why does he continue and continue! He wants something and I am sure what it is.”, I looked at her confused and she knew it. “He probably wants you over in the rich town of Sunlit Tides after you get out of school Bella.” I stood shocked. “Wha….WHAT?”, I sat down and my mother did too.


“I want to go really but mom you cant hold yourself up with the bills without me! I need to stay here and get a job and help pay the bills”. My mother sat and sighed. “I can hold this up, the house is payed for all I have to pay for is the electricity and water bills, when you get out of school thats where you are going there it will be better for you to get a job.”

, that was the end of the conversation. The day was almost over and I started school in two days. Right when we were going to sleep there was a knock on our door………