My mother and I opened the door to see a police officer outside our door. I looked at my mother and she looked at me. The police officer looked behind themselves then began to speak.

“There is a probelm I would like to speak to you about”.

“What is it?”,My mother asked worried.

“There was a break-in in one of the neighbors houses. Someone just moved in can you watch over them?”, the officer asked.

“Um………..Hello-…………”, Someone asked behind the officer.

“Dad?”,I almost yelled the question.

“I was coming to take Issy to my house, remember our agreement?”, He told my mother.

My mother sighed. “Look I know but we only just settled in will you let her get use to this place and anyway I dont trus-………”,My mother stopped.

“I know you dont trust me but at this time I am better I can take care of her now you can call anytime you like. I only live across town!”.

“WHAT? YOU MOVED HERE?!?!?!”, My mother was estatic. She was shocked. I knew she didn’t want him here.

“I am not the new neighbor if thats what you were thinking. I have no idea who it is all I know is the moved the night before that break-in and I live no where near the break-in. No need to worry.”,He was trying to convince my mother, and it worked.

“Alright but I will be calling.”,she sighed and she was conviced. “But! She doesn’t have to go if she doesn’t feel comfertable.”,I know that was just a excuse to keep me here.

“I am not scared. I just don’t want to go with him!”,It just bursted out of me.

“No honey, thats no excuse you need to get to know and be around your father more and I won’t get in the way of it.”,my mother said now I knew she was was serious.

“No mom! I dont want to! So I am not going!”,I yelled I regreted it right after.

“You are going weither you like it or not!”,She yelled back.

I stomped into the house and got my bags and ran out to my dads car as we drove to his house……………..