Once we got to his house I went inside and left him alone. I saw the inside the living room didnt have much but I loved the kitchen.  My father walked in and pointed to a door in the corner. “Thats your room Issy”. Issy. I hadn’t heard him call me that since I was little. “Dad it isn’t Issy it is Bella!”, I said quickly and walked into my room.

There was another door. I had my own bathroom!  He got the place decorated for whenever I come.  It was late and I start school tomorrow so I got in bed and went to sleep…..

I woke up in the morning with my alarm clock going off. I walked into my bathroom and showered and got ready. When I went into the kitchen and I saw steaming hot waffles. They looked so delicious. I got a plate and sat down and ate them.

My father walked into the kitchen dressed and ready. “Bye sweetie I am going to work you get on the school bus and go to school okay?”, It wasnt a question but I answered anyway. “Yes dad, bye”, He walked out the door and went to work. I watched TV while I waited for the school bus. I heard it and I went outside and got on.

Once we got to the school I got off and it was early so I sat outside thinking. My head hurt I didn’t know why and I blacked out………..