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I know this legacy is like down the drain but if anyone wants me to continue post here. I am starting a new better one 😉


Sometimes I just get a series of emotions and I have no idea why. Maybe it is just how I have to live my life. Do you ever get that feeling? Where you just don’t understand they way you feel, you feel every emotion? I have that feeling a lot. My life is like a run away, that is exactly what it is. Not saying I don’t love my life but I have lots of probelms that I can’t handle.

My father cheated on my mother when she was pregnant. She had me two days later. Then my father got married that day to some girl younger than him like my mother but a couple days younger. Then tried to steal me from my mother for him and his wife. But it failed and my mother called the police and my father was arrested.

I grew up to a child and he was let out.

Turned his wife cheated on him and dumped him on the streets. He moved into a halfway decent house paying the bills and child support. Me and my mother was fine through paying bills and I got a few things I wanted. Then we had probelms paying bills and rent. We were kicked out and my father was still after me and my mother.

My mother’s rich brother paid for a house for us in Lucky Palms. I didn’t want to leave but I knew we had to have a place to live. I heard Lucky Palms is the place for love and lucky. It was my birthday the night before we left. I am now a teenager wondering what beholds in Lucky Palms and how much better my life will be….